Master Educator

(Approved but currently not offered)

Program Objective

To prepare the student with high standards teaching methodology, learning philosophy and professional development to become a Master Educator. To help students build their confidence and prepare them for the real world.


Program Description

This program has been developed to meet the needs, interests and abilities of those individuals who are professionally licensed in any of the programs approved by Beauty Schools of America. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to perform the most advanced teaching techniques within their field.


Program Requirements

  • ME101    The Career Education Instructor    (35 Hours)
  • ME102    Teaching Plan and Learning Environment     (30 Hours)
  • ME103    Teaching Study and Testing Skills      (25 Hours)
  • ME104    Basic Learning Styles and Principles    (25 Hours)
  • ME105    Basic Methods of Teaching and Learning    (35 Hours)
  • ME106    Communicating Confidently    (25 Hours)
  • ME107    Effective Presentation     (30 Hours)
  • ME108    Effective Classroom Management and Supervision     (35 Hours)
  • ME109    Achieving Learner Results    (30 Hours)
  • ME110    Program Review, Development and Lesson Planning     (25 Hours)
  • ME111    Educational Aids and Technology in the Classroom    (30 Hours)
  • ME112    Assessing Progress and Advising Students     (30 Hours)
  • ME113    Making the Student Salon an Adventure    (40 Hours)
  • ME114    Career and Employment Preparation    (40 Hours)
  • ME115    The Art of Retaining Students    (30 Hours)
  • ME116    Educator Relationships    (25 Hours)
  • ME117    Learning is a Laughing Matter    (25 Hours)
  • ME118    Teaching Success Strategies for a Winning Career    (30 Hours)
  • ME119    Teams at Work    (25 Hours)
  • ME120    Evaluating Professional Performance    (25 Hours)
  • ME121    Classroom Lab Development     (5 Hours)

All hours and services are those required by the Florida Department of Health (DOH).

Note: All programs are taught in a cycle. Students are able to start at any point of the cycle and still fulfill all program requirements.


Milady’s Master Educator Book- Third Edition 2014


After a student completes 600 hours, services, exams and fulfills all financial obligations to the school, a diploma will be awarded.

Method of Payment

Tuition and fee payments may be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis. The first payment is due on the first day of class, and on the same day of every week or month thereafter.

Cost of Attendance for the entire program:



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