Master Bodywork Massage

(Approved but currently not offered)

Program Objective

To prepare students for the Florida Board of Massage Therapy Examination to become a licensed Massage Therapist, as well as learn an intensive theory and practical knowledge in a wide variety of Modalities. To help students build their confidence and prepare them for the real world.


Program Description

The Master Bodywork Massage Program is designed to fully prepare students to holistically practice massage therapy in a variety of therapeutic environments within the industry. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that exceeds the current state and national average of hours required. It also provides advanced knowledge of treatment protocols for specific somatic disease and dysfunction. The clinical knowledge will provide the use of manual manipulation of the soft tissue to relieve specific complaints. The protocol of the lymph drainage massages will guide the students to enhance the immune system and lymph circulation to remove metabolic waste and prevent disease. The sport therapy protocol will direct the students to apply manipulation to enhance fitness improvement. In addition, knowledge in application of advance routine of stone massage and reflexology will be learned. At the end of the journey the students will have a knowledge of and experience with advance techniques enabling students to service a wider range of clients and their specific needs making students more marketable to potential employers in the massage field and spa treatments.


Program Requirements

  • HIV104 HIV/AIDS (4 Hours)
  • MBM101 Basic Massage Theory and History of Massage (100 Hours)
  • MBM102 Florida Laws and Rules (25 Hours)
  • MBM103 Professional Ethics (20 Hours)
  • MBM104 Medical Errors (5 Hours)
  • MBM105 Anatomy and Physiology (260 Hours)
  • MBM106 Pathology of The Body System (40 Hours)
  • MBM107 Clinical Practicum (125 Hours)
  • MBM108 Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy (25Hours)
  • MBM109 Spa Theory and Techniques (25 Hours)
  • MBM110 Allied Modalities (100 Hours)
  • MBM111 Business Practices (25 Hours)
  • MBM112 Clinical Massage (100 Hours)
  • MBM113 Lymph Massage (100 Hours)
  • MBM114 Sport Massage (100 Hours)
  • MBM115 Stone Therapy (15 Hours)
  • MBM116 Reflexology (10 Hours)
  • MBM117 The Art of Communication (25 Hours)

Services Required

  • Basic Massage Theory and History of Massage (150 Services)
  • Clinical Practicum (100 Services)
  • Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy (15 Services)
  • Spa Theory and Techniques (5 Services)
  • Allied Modalities (20 Services)
  • Business Practices (10 Services)
  • Clinical Massage (25 Services)
  • Lymph Massage (25 Services)
  • Sport Massage (25 Services)
  • Stone Therapy (5 Services)
  • Reflexology (5 Services)
  • The Art of Communication (5 Services)

All hours and services are those required by the Florida Department of Health (DOH).

Note: All programs are taught in a cycle. Students are able to start at any point of the cycle and still fulfill all program requirements.


Theory and Practical of Therapeutic Massage -Textbook: by Mark F. Beck- 5th Edition – 2010 – Publisher: Thompson Delmar Learning
Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage – Workbook: by Mark F. Beck- 5th Edition – 2010 – Publisher: Thompson Delmar Learning     
Milady’s CD-ROM for Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage used by the instructor as a support tool to enhance the  class – 2010 Edition – Publisher: Thompson Delmar Learning
Illustrated Essentials of Musculoskeletal Anatomy by Sieg and Adams - 2009 Edition Publisher: Mega Books
Basic Clinical Massage Therapy-Textbook: Integrating Anatomy and Treatment, By James H. Clay/ David M. Pounds, Second Edition-2008
The Complete Guide to Lymph Drainage Massage: by Ramona Moody French, Second Edition-2012
Hands on Sport Therapy: by Keith Ward-2004
Better Health with Foot Reflexology-“The Ingham Method” By Dwight C. Byers-2012
Educational Handout of Stone Therapy-2013
Educational Handout of the Art of Communication-2013


After a student completes 1,104 hours, services, exams and fulfills all financial obligations to the school, a diploma will be awarded.

Method of Payment

Tuition and fee payments may be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis. The first payment is due on the first day of class, and on the same day of every week or month thereafter.

Cost of Attendance for the entire program:



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