Our Job Placement and Professional Development Department establishes successful partnerships with employers. There are two parts to this benefit. First, our alumni can obtain gainful employment in their field of study becoming an addition to the community and workforce. Second, our partners are offered a zero cost staffing solution, that will eliminate time and cost with qualified graduates. Our goal is to strive for the success of our alumni and increase business for our partners.

Please fill out the questionnaire below and someone from Job Placement and Professional Development will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your request. In the event that the location is a brand new site, a visit will need to be conducted and/or the employer will have to visit one our campuses prior to any request being filled and/or worked on.

**Please note that our partners (employers) will be invited to our Biannual Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC) meeting. This will allow our partners to provide Beauty Schools of America® with constructive feedback that can improve our programs and future alumni.**      


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