Beauty Schools of America Resource and Community Center


To provide an all-inclusive resource, mentoring, and developmental center for current students, graduates, and the community at large by acting as the bridge between graduation and professional life, enhancing student and graduate success opportunities through training, employment readiness, and the ability to confidently and successfully transition into the vertical or industry they have chosen to excel in.


To successfully act as the bridge between student and professional life for all our students, graduates and the community at large, Beauty Schools of America’s Resource Center will focus on implementing an all-inclusive strategy for all individuals in order to successfully transition them into the workforce.

Specifically, the Resource Center team will focus not just on current students and graduates, but reach back to our alumni that graduated over ten years ago. Our breadth of focus has no limitations, as our goal is to serve all who are willing to accept our efforts to better their skill-set and ultimately instill them with every facet necessary to excel in their industry of choice. Our end goal will always focus on the importance of stellar work ethic, and the encouragement of fiscal responsibility and business ownership.  Furthermore, the Resource Center is not only open to BSA graduates, but also to provide assistance back to the community; by offering developmental assistance in their personal growth and professional careers, resulting in contributing members to their community and industry.


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