At Beauty Schools of America® we are aware that transportation can sometimes be an obstacle. Therefore, we offer students bus passes at a discounted rate so that they can get to and from school without any worries. Attendance is very important to ensure the success and completion of our programs. Bus passes are ordered mid-month for the following month. For information of how to obtain a Student Bus Pass, please contact the Fiscal department at your campus. Please see useful transportation websites below:


Special Needs

From time to time, students may face special needs which affect their ability to comfortably continue their training. A Campus Director of Education is available to assist students individually to address special needs. Our goal is to help develop a solution that facilitates students individually to have the ability to successfully complete their program of study. For specific hardship assistance, you may visit the following website:

Open Arms:


While BSA does not have housing available on campus, we will assist students in locating suitable housing facilities while attending school. Contact our Independent Student Housing Coordinator (ISHC) for housing recommendations near the campus of your choice. You may also visit the websites below for current listings:

Admissions Department
(Click options under “housing” icon)

NOTE:  Websites listed are for your convenience. Beauty Schools of America® is not responsible for their content, accuracy of information, or functionality; the notions and statements provided do not represent the views or opinions of BSA.


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