To be admitted, the prospect must complete an application for admission and have an interview with an Admissions Representative to evaluate the applicant’s qualifications and aptitude to pursue a career in any of the programs we offer.

Prospective students must be at least 16 years of age and meet the requirements in at least one of the following areas as per our general admissions policy:

  • The applicant must be a high school graduate
  • Have successfully completed the recognized equivalent of a high school diploma, such as the General Education Development (GED)
  • An academic transcript of a student who has successfully completed at least a two-year program that is acceptable for full credit towards a bachelor’s degree

ATB Option for Student

As of July 1st, 2012 first time students no longer have the option to use the Ability to Benefit (ATB) alternative to be eligible for any Federal Student Aid (FSA).
For students who attended an eligible program at another Title IV institution or at Beauty Schools of America® prior to July 1st, 2012, or those students who are attending Non-Title IV approved program at BSA, may establish eligibility at BSA by using any of the ATB alternatives below:

  • Pass the Ability to Benefit Test (ATB)
  • Completing 225 hours to satisfy the academic qualifications for receiving FSA

The ATB test used by Beauty Schools of America® is the Wonderlic. Applicants must score a minimum of verbal 200 and quantitative 210. The minimum passing score for the Spanish test is 15.

Beauty Schools of America® will document that a student qualifies to use one of the ATB alternatives. Such documentation could include documentation from the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) that a student previously received Title IV, HEA student assistance or a transcript or other documentation from a previous institution that demonstrates enrollment in a Title IV eligible program.

NOTE: Applicants for licensure with the Florida Massage Therapy Board must be 18 years of age or have a high school diploma or GED. Applicants for licensure with the Florida Electrolysis Council must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED. All other Boards require a minimum age of 16 on license applications.


Students who completed high school or post-secondary education in a Foreign Country and self-certify:

Effective July 1st, 2014 BSA will require all students who graduated high school or post-secondary education in a foreign Country and who are not able to provide proof, to complete a background check for education via HireRight. The Commission for Independent Education (CIE) requires documented attempts on student who self-certify that they are high school graduates, but are unable to obtain their diploma from foreign Countries. Attempts will be documented and housed in the HireRight system for ALL students. Multiple attempts over 30 days are made via HireRight for confirmation of high school education and are recorded and documented in a file accessible to authorized school official at any time, and as needed for proof.



Transfer of hours, services and grades from a previous institution

If transferring hours, services and exams from another licensed and accredited institution, students must have an official transcript mailed directly to the Registrar department. When bringing the transcripts in person, they must be sealed. The transcript must include the number of hours attempted and completed, services completed, as well as grades obtained from each course. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements stated below to be eligible to transfer coursework, although the minimum standards do not guarantee full or partial credit for your previous education. The final decision resides with the Regional Registrar.

  • Credits/clock hours completed and attempted
  • Practical services completed
  • 75% or higher on exams
  • The student must meet with a Financial Aid Officer to determine the best Financial Aid package available and/or most suitable payment plan.

NOTE: Students coming from another school may be required to complete additional hours, services and exams if their previous education does not meet our current program requirements. Students may not transfer more than 75% of the hours from an outside institution for the program they will be attending at BSA.


Transferring hours, services and grades within our school

To receive credit for courses previously completed within our school, students must follow the same policy stated above. However, submission of an academic transcript is not required. Some of our programs contain educational components that are equivalent to one another. Those components may be transferable partially or in its entirety. The final decision resides with the Regional Registrar. In most cases, there are no prerequisites to the order in which the student takes each phase of the program.

Transferring hours, services and grades to another institution

Although Florida law requires licensed vocational schools to accept documented hours and services obtained by the student at a licensed Florida vocational school, BSA advises all of its students to check with the receiving school before assuming any or all hours, services and grades will be transferable, especially if the receiving school is located out of state.

Veteran’s Credit for Previous Enrollment or Training

Students must report all previous education and training. The school will then evaluate and grant credit, if appropriate, with the training time shortened, the tuition reduced proportionately, the VA Department, as well as the student, will be notified.

NOTE: The required hours for HIV are not transferable between programs, nor will the grade be credited. You must obtain a new HIV certificate for each program taken. The HIV certificate is only valid for a period of two years.


Student Re-Entering Within 180 Days

Students who return to BSA within 180 days from their previous enrollment will be credited all hours and exams that were previously completed in the prior enrollment. This will apply for students who are returning to the same program that they previously attended. For students returning within 180 days but wish to change programs a meeting with the Registrar department will help determine how many hours will be credited to the new program.

Student Re-Entering After 180 Days

Students who are returning to BSA after being out for more than 180 days will have the timeframe they were absent evaluated by the Registrar department. Once the Registrar department has determined the length of time the student has been absent, hours and exams will be credited based on the BSA “Returning Former Student Policy”.

NOTE: A copy of this policy can be found in the Registrar department.


A student who changes educational objectives by entering a new program will have to complete a new Enrollment Agreement, and only the grades/hours/services for applicable programs credited to the new curriculum will, as determined by the Regional Registrar, in the cumulative average.


You may request official Beauty Schools of America® academic transcripts once you have a zero balance, by mail, email or fax. BSA will have 30 days; from the date the request is received to send a student their official academic transcript.

Mail request to:
1060 49th Street
Hialeah, FL 33012

Fax request to:
Attn: Transcript Request

Email request to:
Subject: Transcript Request

You may find the transcript request form online at or you can request in writing by including the following information:

  • Full name
  • Current address
  • Current phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number (if applicable)
  • Dates of attendance (month and year)
  • Campus attended
  • Signature


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