• Minors 12 years of age and younger are not allowed in areas where services are being performed (no exceptions) – They must wait in the lobby supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Services will only be provided to clients 13 years of age and older with a signed parental or guardian approval.
  • Client must be 15 years of age and older to receive chemical and waxing services.
  • Client must be 18 years of age and older to receive massage services.
  • For the safety of our clients and staff, any clients that require physical assistance must come accompanied by an individual who can aid them in order for services to be provided.
  • For the safety of our clients, BSA may require a questionnaire/release form to be signed prior to the performance of services.
  • Due to Florida law, it is prohibited to apply tint or color to eyebrows.
  • A valid ID is required prior to receipt of services.