Career Services

Beauty Schools of America®’s Career Services department makes every effort to assist its alumni in obtaining employment that will fully utilize their skills. School placement assistance and job information is available without charge to all our current and former students. Each campus maintains a placement listing of current job openings in the area. Our Career Services department partners up with salons, spas, hotels, barbershops, health clinics and renowned make-up and product companies in the industry. We take pride building professional relationships in order to benefit our students upon completion. The Career Services department is readily available to offer the following services:

  • Generate employment listings for assistant jobs, part-time, full-time and/or freelance positions
  • Help find the job that best interests the student/alumni
  • Set appointments for phone or in-person interviews
  • Act as a liaison between employer and student/alumni
  • Career advice and guidance
  • Motivation and ethical advice
  • Interview tips
  • Professional appearance suggestions
  • Assistance in writing Cover Letters
  • Résumé writing techniques
  • Maintain communication with students and employers
  • Placement assistance

Although our Career Services department will provide you with the guidance and tools to succeed, it is essentially the student’s responsibility to utilize the information effectively. Career Services is a joint effort between the school and student. The school does not guarantee or promise employment to any student or alumni. You may also visit the websites below for employment listings:


NOTE:  Completing a course or program in a language other than English may reduce employability where English is required.

Websites listed are for your convenience. Beauty Schools of America® is not responsible for their content, accuracy of information, or functionality; the notions and statements provided do not represent the views or opinions of BSA.


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