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Beauty Schools of America® Miami Campus “Under the Sea” Event

September 29th, 2011

The day students at the Beauty Schools of America® Miami campus had their “Under the Sea” event.  They had to create looks using the sea and/or its creatures to create the looks. They were judged on the various techniques used, the story that went with their creation, and how well it was executed. The students did a great job… CONGRATULATIONS to all for your hard work, as well as the faculty who helped.

The following faculty and staff participated: Jackie Velez (Regional Makeup Director, Lillian Paniagua (Instructor), Elba Perez (Instructor), Felicia Parker (Judge), Lourdes Perez (Judge), Genesis Yera (Judge), and Chris McCray (Escorted Models).

The following students participated: Maria E. Barroso, Yajaira Bogani, Breisy Martinez, Nathaly Patiño, Jennifer Portillo, Carolyn Rodriguez, Vanessa Rodriguez, and Jacqueline Romero.

The following were the winners:

1st Place:  Carolyn Rodriguez – she created a coral reef and the entire look was done by her.

2nd Place: Jennifer Portillo – she created an under the sea princess look and the entire design was done by her.

3rd Place: Yajaira Bogani – she created a mermaid look, plus she had the printed history of her fictional creation and it was done by her.

View more photos of the event here: http://on.fb.me/qQKm39.

At Beauty Schools of America® we teach our students these and many other techniques. If you’re interested in learning contact us by calling 305.824.2500.

Beauty Schools of America® Under the Sea Event

August 31st, 2011

Last week, students at the Beauty Schools of America® Homestead Campus had the Under the Sea event. The event encouraged the students to be creative using all things from under the sea as their inspiration. The enthusiasm of the students was wonderful. They practiced for three days and on the fourth day the competition was held. Students not only were surprised with each other, but with themselves as well.

Congratulations to all those who participated, plus the staff & faculty that assisted in making it all possible.

The winners are as follows:


1st Place – Christina Gil

2nd Place – Skye Weaver (Model) and Mykel Stinson (Artist)

3rd Place – Laquitta Adams

Prize Presenter: Dolly Rivera (Homestead Campus Director)


1ST Place – Kimberly Santiago

2nd Place – Meagan McMann

3rd Place – Alexa Castro

Prize Presenter: Cristina Molina (Homestead Spa Manager)

View more photos of the event here: http://on.fb.me/qH9B0K.

If you would like to learn more about how to become a student call us at 305.824.2054 or visit our website at www.bsa.edu.

Beauty Schools of America® North Miami Beach Campus Contest

August 31st, 2011

Students at the Beauty Schools of America® North Miami Beach campus had a classroom friendly competition to encourage the students to think outside the box. The criteria were to be as creative as possible with their final result. The judging was based on those criteria only.  The students who participated were from the daytime Level I & II class of Mr. Donald Hanlon. GREAT JOB EVERYONE! Always continue to push those boundaries and think outside the box!

Congratulations to the WINNERS:

1st Place – Maritza Layne

2nd Place – Merlyne Mancoeur

3rd Place – Melody Torres

Also, congratulations to all the participants:

Maria Almazor

Guerline Bien Anne

Nerlie Attis

Kheondra Beifoll

Stacy Buchanan

Ashley Charles

Pierre Lynn Exavier

Rosemarie Joseph

Yurline P. Du Jour

Maritza Layne

Esther Michel

Latoya Moedanna

Merlyne Moncoeur

Cindy Nelson

Andrea Ocampo

Jermy Pineda

Vivian Rivera

Melody Torres

Shakita Williams

View more photos of the event here: http://on.fb.me/oM9QqA.

If you would like to learn more about how to become a student call us at 305.824.2054 or visit our website at www.bsa.edu.

Beauty Schools of America® & the Teen Board Foundation

August 29th, 2011

Beauty Schools of America® students were proud participants of the Botanical Paradise of Charlie’s Island event, which was for a great cause. Local and International celebrity guests were part of the event that allowed teenagers the opportunity to showcase their fashion creations. If you would like to learn more about how to become a student call us at 305.824.2054 or visit our website at www.bsa.edu.

View photos of the event here: http://on.fb.me/pkxbLA.

History – About the Teen Board Foundation:

The original Florida Teen Board was established in the late 1970’s to provide young teens (boys and girls) with the opportunity to showcase their talents by doing fashion shows and special events at local shopping malls, specialty stores, and community organizations. Many of the original members have built very successful businesses nationwide and have worked on several fashion-related projects. Over the years, these businesses continue to give back to the community that has helped get them to jumpstart their career.  The creation and development of the TEEN BOARD Foundation is a result of one of those projects.

The Teen Board has been re-focused and reshaped into a non-profit foundation where teens from all walks of life can channel their talents unto the runway in an effort to be a positive role model for all teens, as they empowering and encouraging them through their personal stories. Each model on The Teen Board has their own personal story that “rocks” of which they are willing to share with other teens. To this end, in an effort to create a culture of teens sharing with other teens, the foundation’s motto “My Story Rocks…Ask Me!” has been credited for creating numerous new meaningful connections among teens through fashion.

The Teen Board models have overcome many adversities through the mission of the foundation and they have used their traumatic past to empower and encourage other teens who have been through similar challenges.  As the Teen Board models use their personal experiences to provide an emotional shelter for other teens and young children in their communities, they do so by creating alliances with local chapters of the South Florida After-School All Stars (SFASAS) program. SFASAS, a national organization that provides year-round, after-school programs to students.

The Teen Board Foundation’s mission is to provide a home for teens to discover themselves through their adversities and childhood challenges, and in so doing, it empowers them to excel in school to pursue their goals and dreams, thus, ensuring that they become influential participants in their respective communities.

The Teen Board remains open to all children irrespective of their age, height, and size.  However, the New Teen Board Administrative Board embraces high standards in the selection of our new members –selected teens will give back to their local communities by supporting local charitable organizations that embrace goals to protect and nurture children.  Therefore, new members are carefully selecting based on their scholastic achievements, community or school contributions and the willingness to positively influence their peers.

As a community initiative, the Teen Board Foundation remains open to providing fashion shows in collaboration with other organizations sponsoring charitable or fundraising events. Such partnerships provide the teen models with a positive outlet as they build their confidence, and also provide a platform of inspiration for other teens in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities to do the same.

“My Story Rocks…Ask Me!”

Hear their stories… http://www.theteenboard.com/

Their experiences make them unique…

yet a myriad of strengths exist among them.

Beauty Schools of America® NMB Eras Event

August 23rd, 2011

The students at the Beauty Schools of America® North Miami Beach Campus had the opportunity to travel back in time. They were able to recreate looks from the ‘50s, ‘60s or ‘70s. It was a groovy event and everyone involved, including spectators, had a great time.  Congratulations on a job well done!

A special thanks to all those who participated:

Faculty: Josue Batista, Maria E. Diaz, Diego Omar Ibarra, and Kenia Lopez.

Students: Beartrice Augustave, Stephanie Augustin, Lorin Bain, Rashell Barfeild, Yolanda Barfield, Kathia Nade Blaise, Stacy Ann Brown, Rose Dasque, Charlene Dorvil, Kayla Jade Durham, Carla Faustin, Melissa Gonzales, Stephanie Gonzalez, Kendra Grey, Simone Ho-Sang, Lauren Howard, Precious Johnson, Chantale Joujoute, Estepania Loaiza, Cynthia Lopez, Jaleesa Lynn, Mariane Macedo, Denesha Maitland, Latrell Mohoney, Jayns Urdaneta Padilla, Angela Powell, Elizabeth Rhodes, Jessica Smith, Trahvar Smith, Maetreaina Spraglin, Sharon Super, Patricia Surin, Odlina Tousaint, Datashnie Valcine, Joshua Whitelaw, and Sultancia Williams.

View more photos here: http://on.fb.me/qtZCLA

If you are interested in a career in the beauty industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Beauty Schools of America® Back to School Supply Drive Event

August 18th, 2011

The Miami-Dade Progressive Firefighter Association and Beauty Schools of America® (North Miami Beach campus) teamed up for a “Back to School Supply Drive” on August 16, 2011. Kids were given school supplies, while Beauty Schools of America® provided free haircuts for the boys and basic manicures for the girls. It was a great way to give back to the community – great job everyone!

View more photos from this & other community events here: http://on.fb.me/oX67n3

Without the participation of our artistic students this event would not have been a success. We thank the following Barber & Cosmetology students:

Alcides Acuna

Arleny Aponte

Ana Cabarera

Pascal Jean Charles

Jorge Colon

Emma Cotto

Alfred Cruz

Yovanna Pena Cruz

Fred Fountain

Junieth Gonzales

Richard Taylor

Daleska Martinez

Joseph Mondestin

Olga Matias Sandoval

Charmeer Thompson

Donavan Walker

Samuel Walker

If you are interested in a career in the beauty industry and helping the community at the same time, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

P&G Salon Professional Student Stylist Winners

July 11th, 2011

Last month, P&G Salon Professional hosted their second Student Stylist Competition held at the Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando, Florida. The competition was open to all non-licensed students enrolled in a certified cosmetology school as of September 2009 to the present. Numerous Beauty Schools of America® students competed. Below are the Beauty Schools of America® students that placed in the competition.

Winners in the Clairol Professional category:
1st Place: Joshua Breton – Beauty Schools of America, Hialeah, FL
2nd Place: Ysdaly Thielen – Beauty Schools of America, Miami, FL
3rd Place: Mayra Vazquez – Beauty Schools of America, Hialeah, FL

Winner in the Sebastian Professional category:
3rd Place: Arleny Aponte – Beauty Schools of America, N. Miami Beach, FL

Joshua Breton, who won 1st place in the Clairol Professional category, is now preparing another model to compete in a competition in New York representing Beauty Schools of America®.


If you are interested in a career in the beauty industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Beauty Schools of America® Bridal Event

June 23rd, 2011

Every year, students of the Cosmetology & Barber programs at Beauty Schools of America® have the opportunity to participate in the bridal event. This event takes place at each campus and students are asked to create bridal looks from around the world using recyclable materials. They competed amongst each other on hairstyle, makeup and overall look. Students are encouraged to be as creative as they would like to be – as a matter of fact the more outrages the better!

View more photos of the event here: http://on.fb.me/mU4E1N.

This year the students not only created the hairstyles and makeup, but they also designed the outfits and accessories to create their final creation of a bride. Great job to all that have made this another successful bridal event at Beauty Schools of America® in the North Miami Campus.  We would to say thank you to all students, faculty, and staff for your support and hard work to make this event beautiful, but we like to extend a special thank you to (in alphabetical order):


Paul Balcazar

Josue Batista

Maria E. Diaz

Donald Hanlon

Chuck Jacobs

Kenia Lopez

Nelly Peralta

Sara Velez


Sonia Almaraz

Maria Almazor

Mayra Alvarez

Sabella Andre

Mark Arriaga

Nerline Attis

Stephanie Augustin

Eric Aumoitte

Lorin Bain

Rebecca Bernard

Guerline Bien-Aime

Angela Birins

Kathia Blazes

Natacha Boursiquot

Rodney Brown

Ana Cabrera

Immacula Cadillon

Forchain Campbell

Gabriella Campbell

Ivanett Casanova

Elvis Castro

Frantz Charles

Michael Charles

Jeanine Chery

Roselune Chery

Waveney Clarke

Ceriza Colon

Ranesha Cook

Monique Cross

Quintara Cross

Alfred Cruz

Rose R. Dasque

Luibov Davis

Shatara Dawkins

Kayla Durham

Rachelle El

Nellye Escarment

Belkis Esquibel

Lyn Pierre Exavier

Julian Ferrera

Andrew Finlay

Olubukola Gbadebo

Eliana Gomez

Stephanie Gonzales

Junieth Gonzalez

Akira Gross

Shenika Guerrier

Lynetra Hicks

Marie Hypolite

Shana-Kay Jeffers

Shantavia Kendrick

Cassandra Lafontant

Farah Lamy

Maritza Lane

Howard Lauren

Lynn Leroy

Victoria Lubin

Jaleesa Lynn

Taisha Lynn

La’trell Mahoney

Daneska Maitland

Candida Maldonado

Julane Marcelin

Marie Marcelin

Dalesca Martinez

Elaina McCloud

Joseph Modestine

Martha Morales

Cindy Nelson

Nidia Ortiz

Angel Panagua

Ken Hendricks Pascal

Yovanna Pena

Alicea Pierre

Monise Pierre-Louis

Yveline Point Da Joir

Angela Powell

Kalissa Ruggirello

Sarita Samora

Aleisha Senecharles

Johanna Sharon

Jessica Silas

Jessica Smith

Jeree Solano

Geraldine St. Fleur

Patricia Surin

Trahvar Elcid Smith

Marjorie Tapia

Segathe Telfort

Yolette Theobal

Marie Theus

Farah Thomas

Charmeer Thompson

Liubov Thompson

Lina Toussiant

Ana Velazques

Detashnie Valcin

Kimberly Villada

Stefanny Villareal

Josh Whitelaw

Ramona Williams

Shakita Williams

Kenia Zuniga

If you would like information about becoming a Beauty Schools of America® student, come by one of our conveniently located campuses and speak to an Admissions Representative or call 305.824.2054 today.

Sojourn Seminar–50% off for Beauty Schools of America® Students

June 17th, 2011

Sojourn – Positive Chemistry for Hair

The Pursuit of Perfection

Behind every successful stylist is a deep driving desire to learn and grow beyond the fundamentals taught in beauty schools. Sojourn believes that journey begins with advanced education that inspires, invigorates and supports hairdressers in mastering their craft. We take responsibility for our role in this process seriously by working with stylists to encourage artistic expression, develop technical skills and build stronger professional relationships.

Sojourn educational forums take place around the country and are open to all stylists interested in learning, growing and supporting one another in taking new risks. Come with an open mind and leave with the confidence that comes from collaborating with some of the industry’s leading hairstylists.

Melissa Stone is the Creative Director for Sojourn. She began her career as a stylist and educator for the Vidal Sassoon Company. As the first American female to earn the title of Creative Director at Sassoon, Melissa went on to inspire hundreds of hairdressers to use their creative talents and technical skills in new and unprecedented ways. Today she is one of the most sought after print media, celebrity and runway stylists in the industry. A firm believer in mentoring and education, Melissa enthusiastically supports the Sojourn team in salon familiarization and stylist education.

“For each stylist there is turning point, that moment when they feel they have finally found their true self. Whether that comes from styling clients, editorial work, teaching or developing new techniques, the path is clear. The decision to serve as Creative Director for Sojourn is one of those defining moments in my career. Working with a team that is so completely synergistic in its mission to deliver a safe and effective product that focuses on the stylist’s needs and success is a unique concept that is profoundly inspiring and uplifting. I believe that mentoring and education are a significant part of that process. And I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of paying it forward.”

To order tickets Call Professional Salon Services at 800.824.8255 or visit www.sojournbeauty.com.

Hands-on Educational Workshop* 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Cost $200.00 (50% for BSA Students)


Look and Learn (DEMO ONLY) 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Cost $50 (50% for BSA Students)

June 20th – Miami Beach (Sean Donaldson, 1674 Meridian Avenue)

August 15th – Sarasota (Desaka, 6501 Central One)

September 12th – Orlando (Hair Studio, 1056 Montgomery Road, Altamonte Springs)

October 24th – Palm Beach Gardens (Edmund James Salon & Day Spa, 2401 PGA Boulevard #185)

If you would like information about becoming a Beauty Schools of America® student, come by one of our conveniently located campuses and speak to an Admissions Representative or call 305.824.2054 today.

Consejo de Beauty Schools of America®

June 2nd, 2011

¿Ha tomado mucho sol este fin de semana? Aquí tiene algunos remedios caseros para ayudarle durante la semana:

(1)    Para ayudarle a restaurar el PH rápido, pero también reducir la irritación y formación de ampollas, llene su bañera de agua lo más fría posible y añada 4 tazas de vinagre al agua. Una alternación es llenar una botella rociadora con partes iguales de vinagre y agua – y rocíese cuantas veces sea necesario.

(2)     La leche también calma la piel y deja una barrera protectora de proteína. Todo lo que necesita es mojar una gaza en la leche y colocársela en el área afectada por unos minutos.

(3)     La sábila (Aloe Vera) es grandiosa y se puede conseguir en su tienda local. Este remedio es más efectivo si se usa directamente de la planta. Solo tiene que cortar las hojas de sábila y frotársela en la piel afectada por el sol.

(4)     Té tanino se puede utilizar para suavizar la piel y reducir el malestar. Simplemente prepare una taza de té, déjele refrescar, viértalo en una botella rociadora y rocíeselo en el área afectada.

No olvide tomar suficiente agua, esto ayuda a hidratar su piel y repara rápidamente. Recuerde que dependiendo de la severidad de la piel que madura, tardara en reponerse.

También puede visitar a uno de nuestros spas donde le podemos ayudar y al mismo tiempo recibirá una consulta GRATIS. Lláme a Beauty Schools of America® hoy al 305.824.2054 para encontrar la ubicación más cercana.

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