Ivy Voly - BSA Graduate & Spa Owner

Ivy Voly was born in Bangladesh, India on August 1978. In 2001 she received her Master Degree in Botany, including a Henna Artist Rating and an Indian Facial License. Since she was a child, Ivy developed a talent for Henna and Eyebrow tattoos and she is also skilled in Indian makeup application.

After arriving in the United States, she explored a career in Pharmacy. She has always wanted to be a beautician and has worked within the industry at various institutions until she finally enrolled in the Full Specialist with Salon Management program at the Beauty Schools of America®.

In 2009, Ivy returned home to India to undergo special training in Indian Facials with renowned facial specialist, Shahnaj Hussain. As a result, she decided to open her own Spa business in Pembroke Pines, Florida named, Ivy’s Treating Spa.


Jesse Mendoza - BSA Graduate & Color Director

Raised in Mexico, Jesse Mendoza started his career with Sassoon Salon Miami, immediately after finishing the Cosmetology program at Beauty Schools of America® in 2005. Jesse never imagined that he would become a Colorist for “such a key player in the industry”, yet after joining the Sassoon training program and even receiving recognition as “Head Assistant” just two months into his training program, Jesse achieved his goal in 2006 when he earned the official title of Sassoon Color Specialist.

Hardworking and dedicated to his craft, Jesse’s work ethic became evident early in his career. Upon qualifying, he began his career advancement by first earning the role of Top Colorist in August 2007, then Senior Colorist in 2010, and now Assistant Color Director in October of 2010.

As a Color Director, Jesse is a talented Colorist, as well as, a successful motivator and role model for less experienced Colorists. With a bubbly and fun persona, Jesse exudes creativity and energy— connecting with both his clients and students alike. He is frequently involved in demonstrations and workshops, such as: photo shoots in Miami salons, the Premiere Show in Orlando, Master class courses in the Miami and Chicago Academys , the International Hair show in Brazil, salon international events in London and much more. Mr. Mendoza has given back to Beauty Schools of America® by offering beauty industry demonstrations to help students’ technical growth.

Jesse is committed to helping his clientele and students reach their full beauty potential and it shows through his devotion to his craft and Sassoon.


Johnny Diol - BSA Graduate & Owner/Sylist

Johnny emphasized that Studio 61 Hair Boutique is a hair salon that provides a pleasant ambience with an unforgettable experience. He specializes in hair cutting for both, women and men. The Studio also offers color, highlighting, and relaxers for all types of hair. He explains that the chemicals currently being used for color and relaxers have changed over the years, and are much friendlier to the clients’ hair and senses.

Johnny Diol, owner of Studio 61 Hair Boutique, graduated from Beauty Schools of America® over 12 years ago and has been a professional hair stylist for over 10 years. He has kept up with the latest styles, fashions and products by regularly attending classes and seminars in the beauty industry. Not only does he have passion for hair and design, his style radiates creativity, imagery and culture. He loves sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

“I really enjoy Cosmetology. It’s one of the few things you can do and see your guests’ reactions.” He also says he enjoys seeing his guests peering into the mirror with happiness. “I’ve been in all phases of the business, including being an employee and now as an owner. My goal is to provide excellent customer service with respect and courtesy to all of our guests.”


Michel Willard - BSA Graduate & Salon Owner

Michel Willard, celebrity hair stylist and BSA graduate is an all-around inspiration with a background in styling, consulting, acting and instructing. He is a Salon award recipient both in 2001 and 2003. Michel Willard has expertise in leadership, team building, trend forecasting and sales, while working with some of the top names in professional hair care such as L’Oreal. Michel Willard has proven himself to be a major asset in the beauty industry.